Welcome to the website of Steel Wire Manufacturers Association of India (SWMAI)

SWMAI always makes its each and every effort for the satisfaction of its Members and welfare to the Industry. We take utmost care in rendering regular services to our esteemed members. We regularly disseminate an assortment of information, including numerous Data, Statistics and research works, which are very much important and indispensable to the members in formulating their business decisions and course of actions in every now and then. All these are being done on real time basis through E-mail system.

SWMAI’s state-of-the-art level of working has made its members well conversant regarding various issues of National and International importance not only relating to the Steel Wire Industry but also to other economic and trade related matters. SWMAI continuously emphasizes on the R&D activities. With Members’ active participation, SWMAI , in collaboration with other National and international organizations, is carrying on the well-planned R&D activities with the aim of finding fruitful value additions to steel.

Various seminars, meetings, interactive sessions are being regularly organized by the Association. Having the advantage of a premier and vibrant industrial body, SWMAI , is always ready to stretch out its helpful hands towards its members to solve any problem being faced by them.

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