Welcome to the website of Steel Wire Manufacturers Association of India (SWMAI)

With the continuous patronage of SWMAI , Indian Steel Wire Industry has progressed remarkably over the years on every count, like increase in volume, cutting down costs, quality at par with International Standards (ASTM, DIN, JIS, BSS etc.), in achieving wide range of products of various types. Versatility has been achieved by the Industry for meeting the requirements of numerous consuming sectors in India and abroad. To keep up this sophistication, SWMAI continuously emphasizes on the R&D activities. With Members’ active participation, SWMAI , in collaboration with other National and international organizations, is carrying on the well-planned R&D activities.

SWMAI is a platform for continuous Government-Industry communications on various policy and problem related issues of the Industry. Adequate supply of wire rods, adjustable prices of wire rods with International prices and suitable Government Policy would ensure the growth of the Steel Wire Industry, making it to be sustainable and Globally competitive. With this view, SWMAI is continuously working to protect the interest of the industry. We frequently send representations at the Ministerial levels of the Govt. of India and to the Steel Producers so that the supply of raw materials does not become a constraint. We also consult with the Govt. of India directly relating to their Industrial/ Financial/ Export-Import policies, concerning to the Industry.

SWMAI always makes its each and every effort for the satisfaction of its Members and welfare to the Industry. We take utmost care in rendering regular services to our esteemed members. We regularly disseminate an assortment of information, including numerous Data, Statistics and research works, which are very much important and indispensable to the members in formulating their business decisions and course of actions in every now and then. All these are being done on real time basis through E-mail system.

SWMAI’s state-of-the-art level of working has made its members well conversant regarding various issues of National and International importance not only relating to the Steel Wire Industry but also to other economic matters.

SWMAI not only offers suggestions/ comments on Steel Industry related issues but also on other economic and trade related issues to the Government and the National Apex Bodies like FICCI and CII.

SWMAI Annual General Meeting is a forum to discuss various steel related issues with the manufacturing leadership and the policy makers.

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