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Welcome to the website of Steel Wire Manufacturers Association of India (SWMAI)

In 2005, the Global wire business has been something like 43 million tons and in terms of Dollars it is US $ 20 billion. This market is also expected to grow to some 54 million tons of wires by 2010 and in Dollar terms it would be something like US $ 25 billion. North America, Europe and South East Asia each account for approximately 25% of the Global demands for the Steel Wires. Coupled with this, if we look at the growth in India, we are also growing at 5%-7% per annum. India has announced its “National Steel Policy, 2005” aiming to produce over 100 million tonnes of steel by 2019-20.

A look at the exports of wires, we would find that in the last five years there has been a slow and steady increase of export of wires from our Country. However, if we look at the exports figures of India it only forms 1% of the Global exports of wire business.

With the increase in global demands of wire, there is a perceptible shift in the manufacturing locations of wire business in the World. The developed countries of North America, Europe or the developed adjacent nations are reducing their output and giving an opportunity to the developing nations to absorb and acquire this share of production of wires. Therefore, it is a clarion call to us to take the bull by the horns.

The Indian Wire industry must take the full advantage of our production capacity, cost effectiveness, International standard of quality, knowledge base and above all, our friendly and family-like association with one another to march for a better tomorrow. SWMAI website is a tool for growth of the industry.

I hope, everybody related with the steel wire industry such as respective customers, raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers etc., will find this website useful. Your feedback and suggestions will help us in improving and updating the site. I wish all-out success to SWMAI and its members.

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