Membership Plan

General Information

Any individual, firm, company or other corporate body engaged in the manufacture of steel wire or wire rope in India shall be eligible for membership as Ordinary Member of the Association. Steel Wire Rod Manufacturers are also eligible to take the membership of the Steel Wire Manufacturers Association of India as a special category member.

To be selected as an Ordinary/ Special Category Member of the Association whether an individual, firm, joint stock company, corporation or other form of organization shall make an application in writing on the prescribed form, which will be signed by the applicant and the application will contain an acceptance of and an agreement to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

Executive Council, in its next meeting, will judge the eligibility of the applicant(s) for admission as a member of the Association and their decision shall be final.

An entrance fee shall be paid by every Ordinary/ Special Category Member. The entrance fee payable shall be Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand) only and shall be paid along with the application together with the first subscription due (to be calculated according to the prevailing subscription slabs)

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Subscription Plans

Annual Subscription for the Ordinary Members will be decided on the basis of the Members´┐Ż Annual Production in the following manner:

Annual Production Upto 5000 tonne

Listing in SWMAI Registered Members
  • Add your company Information in SWMAI Database
  • Update Information on regular basis text & images
  • Search companies , Products etc
  • Access Contact Details of Company Head
  • Download updated Database in excel
  • Private email
  • Chat option
  • Forum Discussion on any topics posted by Admin
  • Technical know how.
  • Events calendar joining ( on acceptance updated to admin)
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Associate Members

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Annual Production above 15000 tonne

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Annual Production Upto 15000 tonne

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Special Category Members


The Executive Council may whenever they think fit levy, by way of additional subscription, a surcharge of such amount on such members or class of members as they deem fit. Council may reshuffle the Subscription Slabs for the Ordinary Members and the Subscription payable by the Special Category Members from time to time as they think proper and fit.

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